Thursday, 18 November 2010

Inhale, lift up, remember what it means.
It means warm, new, clean.
It means getting rid of the past.
It means getting ready for the future.
It means being ready.
It means running through the fields.
It means sleep well tonight.
Sprouting, bursting, flourishing.
Springing, growing, racing.
Dying, falling, crunching.
Blowing flying, dancing.
Settling, nesting, resting.
Soft, smooth, bumps, scratches.
Smelling of soap.
Smelling like yourself.
Hairy, dimples, pores, open.
Healing, sweating, breathing, rubbing.
Friction, an elbow touches a hand, electricity.
Wrinkles, folds, envelope, character.
Scrub, invigorate, rosy, bright cheeks.
It grows with you, it moves with you, miraculous.

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Sunday, 7 November 2010

morning 11/07

Bright sunshine streaming into the living room this morning.
On the balcony, right at one end, you can see all the sky skrapers melting into the bright light.
Look the other way and it's mountains.
Coffee, oatmeal and waffles.
No more shop job.
Listening to Gregory & The Hawk
Laundry, I have $2.50 in a pile.
David Chelsea in Love, by David Chelsea.
Free coffee later.
A month today until my flight to London.