Featured Artists

I'm taking a look at some of the work by local artists in and around Vancouver. Work by these artists caught my eye...

Brian Ball

Brian Ball is a Vancouver based artist dealing mostly in landscapes of the East and west Coast of Canada. Originally from Newfoundland he grew up in northern Labrador, he received his BFA in Visual Arts from Memorial University in Corner Brook NF and his MFA in Theatre Arts from University of Victoria BC.

He has recently returned to painting for himself after many years of Film and Theatre work, and continues to do contract work in theatre and residential/decorative painting.


Roz Maclean

Roz MacLean lives and works in Vancouver. She has had a love of drawing for her entire life, and continues to draw, paint, and experiment with mixed materials. She has attended the SFU program for Contemporary Arts, as well as Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

She enjoys asking questions and exploring ideas through the use of imagery, materials and text. Themes she focuses on involve human nature, thoughts and behavior, as well as the natural world and our connection to it. She believes that art is a powerful way to voice what is inside of us, and to share with and connect to others.


Lanaya Flavelle

Lanaya Flavelle is a young, BC-grown photographer - at only 16 years old, she has had the pleasure of shooting fashion/beauty, musician promos, weddings and classic portraits. Her ambition and drive is what sets her apart from other young photographers. She has done work in two professional studios, as well as her studio at home. Most of her inspiration comes from her love for anything vintage.

Lanaya also follows in her mother's artistic footsteps, doing the occasional drawing/painting. She is leaving high school a year early in hopes of pursuing her passion full time.


Miss Nylon

Tricia Apple, born Patricia Klobchar, blogs for revetrange. a site for sleepless pals. She's a photographer pursuing a masters degree in Visual Arts at Emily Carr University.


Marysia Szaw

I am an artist who hasn't quite been able to pin down what I love most yet. I'm loving the experience of foraying many different disciplines as I try to figure it out. I love conceptual photography, mixed media, watercolour, and ink painting. Drawing has always been a passion. I've been in love with fine arts since as young as I can remember, and while other kids were begrudgingly taking piano lessons and soccer practice, I was basting in the glory of watercolour lessons and commercial art for kids.

I've spent the last 9 years as a graphic designer, working and living in Abbotsford until moving to Vancouver, while studying Interdisciplinary Media at UFV, Children's Book Illustration at UBC, and a 2D animation student at Emily Carr University. I've recently moved back to my hometown of Mission, where I look forward to turning my focus back to painting.


Linzy Arnott

Linzy Arnott’s work is deeply influenced by her life experiences and the details found in her surroundings. Her vast pallet of inspiration comes from the places she explores, from rainy seascapes to the texture of rust infected architecture, places where Linzy finds unspeakable beauty. She creates with emotion, drawing on memories and experiences to convey mood and feeling into her pieces. With acrylic as her base Linzy creates with mediums including liquid leaf, metallics, gold leaf, varnishes and resin.


Carl Baird

Carl Baird began his artistic career at Niagara College in Welland, Ontario. Here was given the opportunity to blend his passion for fine art and technical drafting. At Niagara College Carl was influenced by his professor and friend Ken Cosgrove, who showed him how to describe the human form, both mathematically and artistically. At the conclusion of his studies at Niagara College. Carl Baird moved to Vancouver, BC. Where he received a grant to continue his artistic career, under the guidance of Peter Voormij at Langara College.

During that time Carl went to Europe to study European Art history and Architecture. He returned to Vancouver, BC and was accepted into the third year at Emily Carr School of Art and Design, where he had his first exhibition. For the past ten years, Carl has been working as an illustrator, visual artist and musician out of his East Vancouver art studio.


Wayne Stadler

When it comes to professional photography I think it’s safe to say that I’ve arrived late to the game. I always had a camera around in my younger years and never really lost the passion for it. I guess photography simply took a back seat to a few other things for awhile. For 20 some years I was a drummer. As my lust for rock stardom faded I taught myself web design/development and used that as a means to live. Twelve years of that and I’m yearning for the adventures that only the road holds, adventures I love capturing with a camera.

Over the past 3 years my passion for photography has grown to a feverish boiling point. Like a addict for a fix I need to be shooting, plain and simple. So much are the similarities to addiction in that I gave up my home, sold off my belongings to finance my last road trip. Although it didn’t last as long as I had hoped it would I came back with many new images from the American Southwest.

I’m now back in the Greater Vancouver Area and looking for more photographic endeavors. Since I have no real ties I’m open to any opportunity that allows e to make a living with my camera. Short of that I’ll be editing and adding more photos here as I have time so watch for new stuff coming over the next many months.


Veronika Rudez

Veronika Rudez comes from Fine Art background. She graduated from Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design with a major in Visual Arts, namely Painting and Sculpture. Looking for a career change, she attended and finished a Costuming for Stage and Screen program at Capilano University which transformed her into a costume maker. Merging the two creative disciplines she became a well rounded Costume and Clothing designer with an ability to design, illustrate and create her own inventions as well as realise a look based on someone else's vision. Her creations include clothing, costumes, drawings, paintings and installations. Veronika currently works as a Costumer for film and television in Vancouver, Canada.


Peter Sové


May Ushikubo


Jordan Took


Kirill Evdokimov


Britta Bacchus